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Classes Taught


  • English 2030 at MTSU: The Experience of Literature
    • A survey of literature in the Western tradition, emphasizing literary analysis.
  • English 1020 at MTSU: Research and Argumentative Writing
    • Argumentative writing, logical fallacies, tight prose, & library research.
  • English 1010 at MTSU: Expository Writing with multimodal component
    • A focus on public writing, basic genres, and “composition vs. writing.”
  • English 1009 at MTSU: Introduction to University Writing (led studio sections)
  • English 101 at U of ArizonaFirst-Year Composition
  • English 152 at Ohio StateWriting and Reading.  Theme: science fiction
  • English 151 at Ohio StateWriting and Rhetoric I.    Theme: liberal education
  • English 151 at Ohio StateWriting and Rhetoric I.   Theme: travel narrative


  • Studio Facilitator, Middle Tennessee State University, Fall 2014
    • Description: leading mandatory, small group tutoring sessions for students taking ENGL 1009, which enables ENGL 1010 credit for high performance.
  • Writing Consultant, University Writing Center at MTSU, 2012-2014
    • Description: one-on-one writing instruction for any student of the university. Extensive experience with minority and ESL students.
  • Guest lecturer in English 3320 at MTSU: 20th-Century American Literature
    • An upper-division survey of 20th-century American literature for English majors. I was invited by the instructor of record to lecture and lead discussion on the week devoted to John Steinbeck, a writer whom I know quite well.


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