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Courses Taught

University of Arizona
Updated 22 September 2021

45 sections of 9 different courses taught as instructor of record through Fall 2020.


  • English 160D at U of Arizona: Nonhuman Subjects: Monsters, Ghosts, Aliens, Others. See syllabus here. 9 sections, including 7 online.
    • Due to popularity, the course cap was raised to 90 students in 2021; two TAs assigned.
    • The online version of this course is officially Quality Matters certified (160D is under “SBS”).
  • English 2030 at MTSU: The Experience of Literature. See syllabus here. 1 section.
  • ENGL 152 at Ohio State: Writing and Reading (literature based) – 1 section


  • ENGL 598 (U of A): Preceptorship – 2 sections. This graduate course trains and supports incoming Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • English 102 at U of Arizona: First-Year Composition II. See syllabus here. 4 sections, including 1 online.
  • English 101 at U of ArizonaFirst-Year Composition I. See syllabus here. 14 sections taught, including 9 on-line.
  • English 1020 at MTSU: Research and Argumentative Writing. See syllabus here. 4 sections.
  • English 1010 at MTSU: Expository Writing with multimodal component. See syllabus here. 4 sections.
  • ENGL 151 (Ohio State): Writing and Rhetoric I – 5 sections

Related teaching experience

  • Directed Self-placement Advisor. Responsibilities include guiding incoming freshmen into the appropriate University of Arizona Writing Program course
  • Portfolio Assessment for the University of Arizona Writing Program
  • Invited week-long guest lecturer on John Steinbeck for ENGL 3320: Twentieth-Century American Literature – MTSU. Invited for familiarity with subject.
  • Ran studio sections for English 1009: Introduction to University Writing, at MTSU
  • Writing Consultant, University Writing Center at Middle Tennessee State U.
    • Description: one-on-one writing instruction for any university student. Extensive experience with minority and English as Foreign Language students.
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